Interior Protection

Interior fabrics wear and leather stains can make your new vehicle look used ... fast! That's why ValuGard brings you high quality interior protection.

•Warranted Protection for the Appearance of Your Vehicle!
•Nationwide Transferable Coverage
•Clean - Repair - Replace

Fabric Protection

•Resin-based formula encases every fiber and thread
•Resin-based formula will not wash off like water-based products
•Protects against stains from liquids such as coffee, milk, soft drinks, juice, water and other similar liquids
•Spills just bead up and wipe off
•Allows for easy clean up and solid soils can be vacuumed away or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution
•Fabric retains its natural texture and appearance
•Prolongs fabric life
•Professional application surpasses all over-the-counter competitors, ensuring complete and consistent coverage

Leather & Vinyl Protection

•Protects surfaces against permanent staining from moisture and spills
•Conditions and beautifies all leather and vinyl interior surfaces
•Protects and helps maintain that soft, like-new feel
•Special acrylic coat lasts for years ... does not evaporate from surface
•Non-greasy formula won't attract dust or leave surface slippery